Professional translation is a guarantee of success in any field of activity and to achieve it, you should communicate with partners or clients speaking foreign languages. You can use the term “skillful” instead of “professional”. Our language allows it.

Professional translation of legal and technical documents is a guarantee of accurate and qualified performance of work and services.

Professional translation of legal and technical documentation is a guarantee of accurate and qualified performance of work and services. The Tarjuman Translation Center involves translators specializing in various fields, which allows us to perfectly translate materials on various topics. You can be completely sure that medical texts will be translated by specialists with higher medical education and translators with a bachelor’s degree in engineering will be engaged in technical translations.

We are often asked whether we are working with students? We can say with confidence that our youngest translator is 27 years old.

What is the difference between a professional translator and an unprofessional one?

  • Many years of experience: a professional translator should have at least 3 years of experience working as a translator after graduating.
  • Specialization: an experienced translator, as a rule, specializes in a field where he/she feels at home. Professional translators engaged in translations for more than 5 years may specialize in various areas of translation.
  • Perfect deep knowledge and an excellent memory
  • Specific initiative and admirable diligence
  • Highly qualified translation skills

Depending on the classification of translations, translators may be divided into conference interpreters, interpreters, and translators, each has specific professional knowledge and personal qualities:

  • A conference translator should have a high level of speech and thinking in the target language, as well as the ability to accurately pronounce, respond quickly, be highly resistant to stress and able to concentrate in any situation.
  • An interpreter should have good skills of consecutive translation, be sociable, able to find a common language with different people, and be proficient in oratory.
  • A translator should have terminological knowledge in the relevant field depending on the specialization (technical, legal, medical, economic, etc.). Professional translation skills, good literacy, determination, ability to work with dictionaries and use Internet resources, high productivity – these are all professional translator features.

You can order translation of any complexity in the Tarjuman Translation Center. Our professional translators and interpreters demonstrate a high level of knowledge of foreign languages. We offer you translation and interpretation, as well as a unique translation of websites at the best price and time for you.