Translation of Legal Documents

We offer the service “Translation of Legal Documents” in Baku, Azerbaijan

Translation of legal documents is part of the processes that occur constantly in the business sector in the era of globalization. Every day, the business community deals with transboundary agreements, partnership documents, proposals, official and patent applications, powers of attorney, declarations, questionnaires, and other legal correspondence. Translation of documents related to travel, migration, social and legal documents has also become relevant. Professionalism in this area means that the translator has not only knowledge but also an understanding of terms in the field of legal procedures. Our clients may be sure that their documents will be translated accurately.

You can find examples of our translations here.

We provide services: Azerbaijan, World countries
Service provider: Translation Company “Terjuman”
Acceptance of orders: 7/24
Currency of payment: AZN, USD
Form of payment: Bank transfer, MilliOn, E-Manat, ExpressPay, Kassam.AZ, E-pul and online payments from anywhere in the world
Phone: +99455 918 60 14
WhatsApp: +99455 918 60 14

The translation cost is 6-8 AZN per page (300 words) for popular languages (English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish), depending on the complexity of the text. If the text is large, an additional discount is provided. There are special discounts for regular customers.

Prices for other languages are relatively different. If additional work is carried out when ordering a translation (for example, pdf translation, translation from a manuscript, copying text from websites, etc.), additional prices can be calculated.

You can pay by bank transfer or online from anywhere in the world. You can also pay at MilliÖn, E-Manat, ExpressPay, Kassam.AZ, E-pul.

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